Environmental and Social Governance

Responsible Investment Policy

CFM will strive to achieve positive sustainable development outcomes through its investments and is committed to:

  • Avoiding and otherwise minimising and mitigating the impacts of its investments on local communities;
  • Safeguarding the environment and sustainably managing natural resources;
  • Contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through investments in the renewable energy sector;
  • Minimising CFM’s own contribution to climate change through its own operations;
  • Protecting the health and safety of all those working on the projects in which CFM invests; and
  • Maximising opportunities for positive environmental and social benefits to be realised.

In order to achieve these outcomes, CFM is committed to complying with all legislation and applicable Environmental and Social requirements for all investments.  Good international industry practices and standards for Environment and Social Management (Equator Principles III; International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards 2012 on Environmental and Social Sustainability) form the basis for our management framework.

A comprehensive assessment of all impacts and risks will be conducted prior to all investment decisions. All impacts and risks will be managed in accordance with CFM’s internal risk management process and incorporated into the operational processes governing each investment.  

CFM will only invest into projects which are designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in a manner consistent with applicable environmental and social requirements.   Potential reputation risk for CFM and its stakeholders, including investors, arising from environmental and social management practices, will be a key consideration in the approval of any investment.  Investment opportunities that promote environmental and social benefits will be promoted.

CFM requires that all projects have adequate staffing, management plans and resources to effectively manage and implement all environmental and social requirements, amongst others.   Oversight to ensure that all investments are managed in an appropriate, accountable and transparent manner will be undertaken by the CFM Board in accordance with its governance duties and structures.

Engagement and consultation will be undertaken by CFM with its stakeholders in a transparent and effective manner on the environmental and social management of all investments.  CFM will disclose information relating to environmental and social performance on a routine basis.

CFM strives for continuous improvement in all areas, especially regarding Environmental and Social performance though pro-active thought leadership and ownership of environmental and social risk management throughout the investment lifecycle.

Implementation of this Policy is the responsibility of the CFM Board and all CFM staff will contribute to its implementation.

Andrew Johnstone, CEO 

Signature Date: 15th February 2017

Uploaded on: 6th March 2017


Environmental and Social Management System

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Uploaded on: 7th March 2017

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