Climate Investor One addresses market deficiencies by combining three innovative investment funds into one facility to offer an end to end financing solution to promoters and developers of renewable energy projects.
  • Climate Investor One shares the development risk of projects by providing development capital to individual projects alongside project developers to get projects off the ground.
  • Climate Investor One also seeks to reduce the complexity and time taken to secure financing for projects by providing equity capital to construct projects when it is needed.
  • Climate Investor One’s objective is to reduce the cost of financing and to shorten the time for a project to get from development into operations. This is achieved by simplifying the financing structure, separating the physical engineering from the financial engineering, and by reducing the number of parties involved.

At an early project stage, Climate Investor One provides technical, financial, environmental, social development and structuring support through a Development Fund. Once ready for construction, Climate Investor One reduces the number of financing parties required by providing a large part of the all equity construction funding through a Construction Equity Fund.  Once the project is operational, Climate Investor One mobilises debt from its Refinancing Fund together with third party debt providers into the project, delivering a refinancing benefit to shareholders and underpinning a long-term stable balance sheet for the project company. 



The principal objective of Climate Investor One is to develop projects and achieve medium to long-term investment returns in a portfolio of renewable energy assets in emerging markets. 

Recent years have seen more emerging markets establishing supportive regulatory frameworks for private investment in renewable energy. However, finance remains scarce, requires multiple providers of capital, and the use of complex financing arrangements often lead to extensive delays in the development period, higher costs, and sometimes outright failure. 

By combining several innovative investment funds into one, Climate Investor One helps early-stage renewable energy projects achieve bankability quicker, provides a full lifecycle financing solution, and mobilises capital into emerging markets at a more attractive risk profile to institutional investors. 




Climate investor one
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